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Thursday 8 August 2019

Yard Sale Blues

With the dribs and drabs of my birthday money I decided to explore a few artists who have briefly crossed my path in the last few months in a bit more detail.
One such act were The Beauty Shop from Champaign, Illinois who came to my attention when their song Nightcrawlers appeared on a Word compilation which I bought in St Andrews fairly recently.

A quick trip to Discogs showed that their albums are readily available and at very reasonable prices.
The compilation album Yard Sale  seemed the sensible one to pick up.
It's not bad at all; pretty good in fact. I've opted for I've Got Issues and Paper Hearts for Rosie today for your listening pleasure.
The vocals of John Hoffleur remind me of someone but I'm not quite sure who. The Walkmen and White Hassle spring to mind but I'm sure there is someone else much more obvious.
Hoffleur is joined by Arianne Peralta on bass and a regular rotation of drummers.

Curiosity sated - in a good way.

The Beauty Shop - I Got Issues

The Beauty Shop - Paper Hearts For Rosie

Nothing to see here for a few days.
The Muso Room is getting it's window replaced so is in a bit of disarray.
The albums are piled up in the living room and a couple of the CD towers have had to be moved.
Needless to say I'm a bit twitchy.


  1. After the first song I was off to an infamous online shopping site to see if this album was available. It was, £2.05. Listening to second song, after which the decision will be made. The album seems to be called Yard Sale not Junk Yard

    1. You are of course correct - my bad.
      Now amended.
      I'm blaming it on the trauma of the muso room being in disarray

    2. .....or old age, general daftness, it's the slippery slope CC

  2. The vocalist reminds me of Jay Farrar of Uncle Tupelo and Son Volt fame.

  3. After starting the trawl through my CDs 4 or 5 years back I discovered I'd got 3 Beauty Shop albums in my collection. 'Discovered' makes it sound like they'd magically appeared from nowhere but I must at some point have consciously acquired them and on separate occasions too. (Vinyl Exchange in Manchester no doubt). Crisis Helpline, Yr Money Or Yr Life and Yard Sale. I can recommend them all. You pat yourself on the back when that happens, commending your own impeccable taste when in truth you just got lucky and the 70% plus failure rate of buying duds signifies nothing!

  4. I bought this album in similar fashion to you after hearing I've Got Issues on the wireless. I'm not sure I ever got round to listening to the whole thing.