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Tuesday, 20 August 2019

Autumn Fallin'

You may recall that after featuring You'd Rather Run by Jaymay recently I undertook to track down the 2007 album Autumn Fallin' on which it featured.
I'm happy to feedback that that mission has now been accomplished.
With the exception of one song which features a bit of jazz noodling the album is pretty good and well worth having .There is nothing as good as You'd Rather Run obviously.

It was not until 2016 that she followed it up with To Tell the Truth followed by a Christmas album Fallin' Like Snow.
I was all set to make comments on the gap between the records until I read that she has Crohn's Disease and also had to deal with the death of her sister.

Jaymay - Gray or Blue

Jaymay - Autumn' Fallin'


  1. I missed that post or could have sent you a copy of the album and the Sea Green, Sea Blue ep. Saw her live a couple of times too and she was very good.

  2. meant to say my favourite from the album is Big Ben. When I saw her supporting Isobel Campbell she told the story about what the song was about but never heard it due to all the ignorant cunts talking all the way through her set.

    1. Same during Carla Easton's set at Camera Obscura.
      Mrs CC had to stop me from launching myself at two women who gabbed through the entire set. Shocking behaviour

    2. I remember some gobby bastards at a Laura Cantrell concert in Birmingham a few years being told, very very very loudly, to "shut the fuck up, we came here to listen to Laura Cantrell not you". The bloke who shouted did it so loudly Laura Cantrell stopped playing, she was a bit shocked. Gobby bastards did shut up.

  3. Roddy Frame once stopped mid song at the Queen's Hall and asked two women if they minded just talking between the songs.