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Friday 30 August 2019

Going Back Home

Mrs CC is currently having a bit of a clear out. This involves countless trips to the tip and to charity shops.
She made a school girl error the other day when she was content to sit in the car while I struggled into the charity shop weighed down by a large mirror and two large bags of clothes.
I was there longer than she anticipated as my instincts kicked in and I felt obliged to check out the CDs.
I came away a pound lighter but two CDs heavier.

One was Going Back Home by Wilko Johnson and Roger Daltry on the mighty Chess label. It has featured here before . Previously my brother had lent me it and  I thought that I had it on the shelves. It turns out that I downloaded it but never got round to producing a physical copy. That has now been sorted.

Maybe not the oddest of couples apparently they bonded after sitting next to each other at an awards ceremony and finding that they shared a mutual love for Johnny Kidd & the Pirates

Wilko Johnson & Roger Daltrey - Sneaking Suspicion

Wilko Johnson & Roger Daltry - All Through the City


  1. Love Wilco Johnson, gone off Roger Daltry (especially with his knobhead Brexit views).

  2. Yeah, agree. Final nail in the coffin.