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Friday 23 August 2019

Covered by Candi

Over the last week of so JC  has given up a couple of posts featuring various covers of two seminal sings namely In the Ghetto and Jolene. On both occasions in the comments section Drew championed the versions by the great Candi Staton.

This has led to me giving Candi an airing and in particular the 2004 eponymous compilation of her country soul songs from the late 60's/early 70's on the Honest Jon's label.
In includes her version of In the Ghetto but unfortunately Jolene does not feature. There is however an able substitute in the shape of her version of the Tammy Wynette classic Stand By Your Man.

Candi Staton - In the Ghetto

Candi Staton - Stand By Your Man


  1. A fabulous singer - very underrated. Still singing country soul a year ago with former Civil Wars man John Paul White and the mighty Jason Isbell.

  2. The version of 'In the Ghetto' is particularly good.

  3. The version of Jolene is on the Evidence, The Fame Recordings dbl cd which contains a lot of the Honest John Material but more essential stuff besides. Here's Jolene, don't say I'm not good to ya

  4. Love both these versions - Stand By Your Man almost like a totally different song, and much more pleasant to listen to.