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Tuesday, 27 August 2019

Seven Up

When putting Jason & the Scorchers back on the shelves I noticed that there were some James albums in close proximity(Vinyl is alphabetical, CDs are  alphabetical by genre)
Whilst I've never been a huge fan of the band I seem to have acquired their first five albums from Whalley Range's finest over the years.
Somewhat strangely only album five Laid has graced these pages before.
So using some reverse chronology today I am featuring their fourth album 1992's Seven on the Fontana label..Those looking at the image above will have probably worked  that out..

It maybe sounds a wee bit dated but it was good to give it a spin again. For your listening pleasure here are the 2nd and 4th singles from the album.

Third, second and first albums to follow in due course.

James - Born of Frustration

James - Seven


  1. Were they the ones who sang "Sit Down"? I've got that single somewhere...

  2. I have a lot of time for James. They can come across as a little po-faced at times, but have been responsible for some terrific pop songs over the years.

  3. Not the seventh album then? Gutted. That means I'll have to play She's A Star all to myself. The Youtube vid of same has a young Keeley Hawes co-starring. The song itself is a must listen and doesn't really need KH as bait. Sorry, just realised how sexist that is but......I'm still posting this. I'm shameless sometimes.