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Saturday, 31 August 2019

A New Kind of Loneliness

Michael Weston King is an English Americana/country singer who has enjoyed a solo  career as well as having been the main man in The Good Sons and who is now one half of the country duo My Darling Clementine with his wife Lou Dalgleish.
His 7th solo album A New Kind of Loneliness from 2007 and on the Floating World label.was my second recent charity shop purchases.
I'm pretty sure that I have seen him a couple of times in the early 2000's when he was somewhat more hairy.
I have a couple of his songs on compilations but this is the first of his that I have ever owned.
I'm not sure whether to file it under W or K. Given there is no hyphen I'm thinking K

The album contains what I think may be a first for CCM - a Gilbert O'Sullivan cover!
Confession time and here is where I loose the little credibility that I have left.As a young lad I was a huge Gilbert O'Sullivan fan and even kept a scrapbook full of cuttings!
I'll get my coat

Michael Weston King -Here's the Plan

Michael Weston King - Alone Again Naturally


  1. Love that version of Alone Again Naturally.

    No shame in having that scrapbook CC. He was a gifted songwriter. As you know I have much much worse in the box of teenage memorabilia.

  2. By the way, that colours and layout of that album cover is a mirror image of Van Gogh's famous Cafe Terrace At Night Painting - Wonder if it's intentional?

  3. Michael Weston King did a cool bit of work with the late great Jackie Leven. And GOS is still a cool dude.

  4. Nothing to be ashamed of, CC. I was and still am a big Gilbert fan. I was lucky enough to see him in concert a couple of years back, it was a great evening.