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Friday, 16 November 2018

The Sundays on a Friday

The Sundays are one of those bands who probably would never have crossed by radar without this blogging malarky.
I can honestly say that I had never heard of them til some of my comrades featured them although Summertime which I subsequently picked up as a CD single seemed vaguely familiar.

Purchasing Blind their second album from 1992 in a Dunblane charity shop now means that I have the set when it comes to their albums as I had previously acquired Static and Silence their third one and then Reading, Writing &Arithmetic their first one all from charity shops.

Blind is probably their least accessible offering and is somewhat dark and melancholy. It may well be a grower but at the moment I feel that if this was the first one I had encountered I wouldn't have bothered with the rest. Which would have been a shame.

The Sundays - What Do You Think?

The Sundays - Blood on My Hands


  1. I agree. Reading, Writing & Arithmetic is flawless and Static & Silence is full of good songs. Blind is, as you say, their least accessible and my least played of the three.

  2. If you are considering re-charitying this, you can re-charity it to these parts...........

  3. I went to what I believe was their second or third gig, bottom of the bill at The Cricketers pub in the Oval supporting Jim Jiminee and John Shuttleworth - who we had actually gone to see. They didn't have a drummer then so when they were asked for an encore we had to wait while they reset the drum machine. They weren't bad, but I was quite surprised six months later to learn they were the Next Big Thing

  4. Agree with comments on Blind, but from distant memory only. Reading, Writing Arithmetic was peerless as was single Summertime but haven’t played Blind in 20 odd years so must get it out and give it a spin again - so old it was in my vinyl buying days!