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Friday 23 November 2018

Lee Brilleaux - Rock'n' Roll Gentleman

If you ever visit Granton-on -Spey in the Cairngorms you should make a point of popping into the bookshop. It is run by a lovely lady who is 68 and who knocked a couple of quid of the price of our purchases as she thought that the books were dusty!

I came away with Lee Brilleaux -Rock'n'Roll Gentleman a crowd funded book by Zoe Howe.
It is an excellent read about the sadly all too short life of the  legendary Dr Feelgood frontman  and bon viveur who came into the world as Lee Collinson.
Sadly he died in 1994 at the age of 41 at home in Leigh on Sea.. He died from lymphoma. Smoking and eating large amount of red meat can contribute to this two things he did in abundance.Twenty years of hard drinking probably didn't help much either.

He did however leave an impressive legacy of r&b/ pub rock music none of which I currently had until I picked up Dr Feelgood Live at the BBC in Glasgow's Love Music record shop recently.
It features songs from  three sessions between March 74 to September 75 when Wilko Johnston was still the lead guitarist with the band
These two tracks were recorded at the Paris Theatre, London on 14th September 1975

I recommend both the book and the record.

Dr Feelgood - Going Back Home

Dr Feelgood - Roxette


  1. I was unaware of this one, it looks an interesting read. Splendid tunes too.

  2. Saw the 90s Feelgoods play a pub venue in Victoria Street in Embra in the early 90s (twice in the same year). Blistering. Chatted to Mr Brilleaux on both accasions. He was a great singer and a decent spud to talk to fans as well. Saw them play at Ayr Piv in the late 70s too (thanks to the late, great Tom Jones who brought lots of acts to Ayr). I'll track down a copy of this book.

  3. And The Feelgoods are still going (with NO original members) - a case of the name outlives the band.
    Although Drummer Kevin Morris has now been in the band 35 years, and it was Lee Brilleaux's wish (instruction) that he carry on the band.
    And if you haven't seen it, Oil City Confidential is one the best Rock Docs out there

  4. Sad to say I never saw Dr Feelgood - one of those bands (there must've been quite a few) I've got to be honest, for whatever reason, I undervalued at the time. You're not meant to admit those sort of things are you? Anyway, I've properly put that to right since and now swear allegiance. Oil City Confidential is a great and moving documentary. Dr Feelgood Singles - The UA Years album is a good place to start if you want to hear more.

  5. Didn't realise he had died so young. For some reason Dr Feelgood were one of the bands that were played a lot at our youth club in the '70s (think most of the boys were fans) so I got to like them a lot. When I wrote about Canvey Island recently I found out more about them - Got to catch that Oil City Confidential doc at some point as it keeps being recommended.