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Monday 5 November 2018

Monday's Long Song

Released in 1977 when 3 minute songs were the norm Marquee Moon by Television was a 10 minute epic

A band who had been prominent on the New York scene and no strangers to CBGBs where they shared the stage with the likes of Blondie, Patti Smith and the Ramones.

Given the Punk revolution which swept the UK in 1977 this song should have stuck out like a sore thumb. I mean only Prog Rock bands were churning out 10 minute epics in those days.

And yet, and yet, it seemed to fit in just swimmingly and subsequently influenced many others.

Television - Marquee Moon


  1. A contender for second-best-song-I-will-hear-today.

  2. It took me years to finally get Marquee Moon. Could never understand what all the fuss was about and then one day it just clicked and since I don't think a month has gone by without me playing it.

  3. Like Drew, it took me a while to get it. The irony is I bought the single in '77 in a cheapie bin without ever hearing it/them purely because I'd seen their name in the music papers and expected something much more punky like Richard Hell & the Voidoids or the Dead Boys or something of that ilk. It was a shock to hear such an arty and exquisitely crafted song, like nothing else I'd heard and I really wasn't sure what to make of it at first at all. I didn't really think I liked it but I really, really wanted to... and eventually did!

  4. I've loved since first hearing it in the late 80s. It didn't fit in with much else I was listening to at the time but for some reason it just hit me.

  5. A stone classic and the album is a blinder too from start to finish.

  6. Yep, an absolute classic as everybody has said but I rate both Venus De Milo AND Prove It higher. I remember Mark Radcliffe playing MM on his show in the Radio 5 Hit The North days (yes I’m that old!) and me shouting at the radio, PLAY PROVE IT - he never did (at least when I was listening anyway)