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Wednesday 21 November 2018

Crowns & Coronets #7

The first band I ever saw in concert were Queen at the Glasgow Apollo in December 1975. Technically I suppose you could say that the support act Mr Big were the first band that I saw but they don't fit in to this series and I have no material by them.
The only Queen album I have and the only one you need is Sheer Heart Attack

I never  got to see  Prince but Mrs CC did at Hampden Park in Glasgow in June 1992
So today we have Queen singing about  a Queen and Prince singing about Prince.

Featuring two  legendary  showmen who sadly are no longer with us

Queen - Killer Queen

Prince - My Name is Prince


  1. SHA is definitely the best thing they ever did, and you could pretty much survive on just the opening track if you had to.

    Beyond that, I obviously take issue with the rest of that statement.

    Shortly after releasing My Name Is Prince, Prince decided that his name wasn't going to be Prince anymore anyway... just to piss his record company off. One of the many reasons why we loved him.

  2. I hate Queen, nearly as much as I do Bonzo and his stupid hat and shades.
    Prince on the other hand

    1. I see where you are coming from Drew but SHA is a good album

  3. That’s a pretty impressive way to lose your virginity... especially given the era you saw them.

  4. There were three guys at my school who we called the Queen Mafia largely because music started and stopped with Queen as far as they were concerned. All three of them are still Virgins. Just saying.

  5. Mr Big, now there was a band - the English version featuring Dicken obviously. The 'Sweet Silence' LP is still a favourite, then it all went wrong with 'Romeo'.
    Prince for me this week, even though I quite like 'Killer Queen' and am old enough to remember seeing them perform it on TOTP.

  6. Was gonna weigh in with my Queen all day long comment and still am doing but had to laugh about the (admittedly small) sample of not impressed with Queen' comments. That's good though, far too much reverential they were the bee's knees treatment dished out to them. Nevertheless, I'd have'em over Prince.