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Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Sir Lucas and the Moon

Zoë Bestel first crossed my radar with the release of Transience on the Last Night from Glasgow label. A thing of beauty both musically and aesthetically. I also had the pleasure of seeing her playing the album in it's entirety at the Hug & Pint.

She comes from Whauphill in Galloway which is one of my favourite places in the world. So perhaps it was no surprise to stumble upon her previous album Sir Lucas and the Moon in the Cat Protection League in nearby Stranraer where I liberated it for 50p.
She is only about 20 and this album was released in 2014 suggesting that she was a bit of a child prodigy.
Not quite Kate Bush and The Man With The Child in His Eyes but not far of it.

The CD comes signed and dedicated but unfortunately not to me but to Evelyn, Ronan and Lana who Zoë advises are absolute lovelies.
I think the album cover picture was taken in the Bookshop in Wigton.


  1. Looks like the feelings from Evelyn Ronan and Lana to Zoe Bestel were not reciprocated given that they charities the album