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Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Crowns and Coronets # 5

More Earls and Dukes this week as we go down the Southern Soul route.

Firstly in the Earl corner we have an artist that I am not very familiar with in the shape of Earl Gaines.
I probably should be more familiar given that he was active from 1954 until his death in 2009 aged 74 and has been described as the best R&B singer from Nashville.
This one is taken from a cheap and cheerful but excellent Southern Soul compilation Warm and Tender Love 

Doris Duke features on the same album but this one is taken from the Swamp Dogg produced album I'm a Loser which I have on a Kent double CD along with A Legend in Her Own Time. I'm pleased to report that Doris is still going strong at the age of 74

I think we'll move on from Earls and Dukes next week.

Earl Gaines - I'll Take Care of You

Doris Duke -I Can't Do Without You


  1. Both excellent, but Doris for me. Your London based readers may be interested to know that Swamp Dogg himself is playing at the Rich Mix next Tuesday. I'm ridiculously excited about it

  2. Close, but Doris gets my vote as well.

  3. A most excellent pair of tunes. Are we voting? In that case I'll plump for Earl. I'm familiar with Bobby Bland's version of the song, but this interpretation is new to me.

  4. I do like the Earl Gaines track mum’s name was Doris so it’s Doris all the way for me