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Friday 9 November 2018

Impossibly Lovely

I am on record somewhere on these pages indicating that it took me long time to get  Sheffield singer and former Pulp member Richard Hawley.
I knew that I should but it took a copy of Coles Corner courtesy of my brother for me to finally come to my senses.
Seeing it in the charity shop in Auchterarder I took the opportunity to upgrade.
It has one of those wee annoying stickers which you can never get off which contains a number of tributes

One of the great records of recent years -the Guardian
One of this year's finest albums - the Times
Genius - Mojo
A considerable talent - Q Greatest Albums of 2005.

But I think that I will go for the one from the Word's 10 Best Albums of 2005 Impossibly lovely

Richard Hawley - Coles Corner

Richard Hawley -Born Under a Bad Sign


  1. Interesting how Richard Hawley is most often referred to as "former Pulp member" when in fact he was the driving force behind the rather brilliant Longpigs. Always found his solo stuff rather hit and miss, personally.

  2. It took me a long time to get Richard Hawley too, in fact I’m still not absolutely sure about him - 7 albums in is not enough for me obviously ha ha. He’s got a handful of undeniably lovely tracks and his velvety, mellifluous vocals are what have got him his international acclaim. Maybe it’s because I’m from Sheffield too - we’re notoriously hard on our own as John Cooper Clarke discovered when he name dropped Alex Turner at a recent City Hall gig expecting a whoop or at least a ripple of applause but encountered only a stony silence!

  3. Yep lovely album. Great guitarist too - saw him guesting with John Grant last week and he blew the roof off.