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Sunday 25 November 2018

12 Years a Slave

It looks as though I could potentially have another accidental series on my hands with Soundtracks of Films I've Never Seen
Last week The Big Lebowski this time round 12 Years a Slave bought at the same time in a charity shop in Blairgowrie.

Not as I thought initially a documentary about the great Dundee United manager Jim McLean and his habit of signing young players on prohibitively long contracts.
Rather it is a 2013 adaptation of the 1853 slave memoir  Twelve Years a Slave by Solomon Northup directed by Steve McQueen.
Whereas the soundtrack is probably not quite my cup of tea it includes some pretty well known contributors including John Legend, Alabama Shakes, Alicia Keys and Laura Mvula.
I've gone for two of the above.

Alabama Shakes - Driva Man

Alicia Keys - Queen of the Field (Patsey's Song)


  1. Lol at the Jim McLean joke. A dour ba*tard in the long history of dour Scottish football managers. The Dundee Utd connection reminds me of the joke about Paul Sturrock who was described as "enigmatic" when playing for the national team. In this case "enigmatic" meant "he once played a great game for Scotland but we're still waiting for the next one".

    1. Luggy is a legend
      When he managed Plymouth he was also the local paper's restaurant critic!