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Monday, 19 November 2018

Monday's Long Song

Mrs CC came in a couple of months ago with Some Other Sucker's Parade the fifth studio album from Del Amitri from 1997. Absolutely dreadful, Shockingly bad. It was swiftly dispatched back from whence it came.

She redeemed herself a few weeks later by returning with What Is Love For the 2007 debut solo album by their front man Justin Currie.
It is pretty good with the absolute standout track being the last one on the album No, Surrender.
Coming from the West of Scotland you listen to a song with that title with more than a little degree of trepidation.
I needn't have worried as the knuckle draggers get it in the neck along with everyone else.

A musical equivalent of a Drew rant. Take it away Justin ....

Justin Currie - No, Surrender


  1. Blimey. What an extraordinary song.

  2. " It was swiftly dispatched back from whence it came."
    Back to Mrs CC's shelves and far away from your own?

    1. Our shelves are mingled - except jazz and classical
      Returned to a charity shop

  3. I really like that, cheers Stevie.

    That reminds me, I haven't had a rant for a while.

  4. Now that is one hell of a rant. Great track.

  5. Hi CC,
    I was wondering if your feed is turned off, as your blog isn't updating in my blogroll.

    1. Not sure why that is the case Marie. I haven't changed anything recently
      I know some folk who used to get a note of posts are not getting them and others have had problems leaving comments
      Think Blogger may be doing things behind the scenes!