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Saturday, 17 November 2018

Memphis v Nashville 4

As things stand it is now Memphis 2 Nashville 1 following Chuck Berry's Memphis, Tennessee defeating Steve Earle's South Nashville Blues. Steve  started strongly but Chuck's greater experience gradually came to the for.
This week we are going slightly more MOR for what I expect may be another close contest.
If you were to ask 100 people to name a Marc Cohn song chances are if they had heard of him at all they would all plump for Walking in Memphis. Very much a one-hit wonder. I picked up his eponymous album in a charity shop and all the other tunes are pretty forgettable.

The Indigo Girls on the other hand have never had a hit of that scale but have produced a consistent body of work over the years including Nashville a song from their 1992 Rites of Passage album.

I'm going for Nashville this week as although Walking in Memphis is a good song  it is a bit too ubiquitous for my taste.
Others, of course, may choose to disagree

Marc Cohn - Walking in Memphis

The Indigo Girls - Nashville


  1. Indigo Girls. A good track, that one. The Marc Cohn track annoys me intensely.

  2. Dan Bern name checks Marc Cohn in his great song "Graceland" so its Memphis for me

  3. I've not taken part in this series so far due to me still in the huff at my wife banging on about both places after her trip there in September. I do have a soft spot for Walking In Memphis

    1. Totally understandable. The fist sentence at least!

  4. The Indigo Girls for me by default really. The Marc Cohn song is just too linked to a weird time in my life and also to that godawful Cher version! Can't stand it now!

  5. Nashville, for the same reason as our esteemed host

  6. The only other Marc Cohn song I remember from that album is one about the couple in the next room going at it while his hotel has very thin walls. A surprisingly common lyrical theme for songwriters... I should probably try a top ten.

    Agree with the ubiquitous nature of this track, but it still gets me even after all these years. Sorry to the Indigo Girls, but another vote for Memphis from me.

  7. Nashville for me. Liked the song, and new to me, whereas the Marc Cohen one too over-familiar now.

  8. Close one this, extra time and penalties etc but Nashville won it in sudden death. Keep meaning to check out the Indigo Girls now I'd better put my money where my mouth is at my next CD trawling session.