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Saturday 24 November 2018

Memphis v Nashville 5

A victory for the Indigo Girls with Nashville last week partly on their own merits put also partly as a protest vote against Marc Cohen and the ubiquitous Walking in Memphis.
That means that we are back to all square with the score now being Memphis 2 Nashville 2.

I originally said it would be the first to 5 but I'm going to try and string it out to first to 10.This may depend of whether I have enough material particularly from the Nashville camp.

This week we go from mainstream AOR to something a lot more left field.

This week in the Memphis corner we have the mighty Pixies with Letter to Memphis from their wonderful Trompe Le Monde.
Black Francis and the gang are up against Mojo Nixon and Jello Biafra with Let's Go Burn Ole Nashville Down. A song from their album Prairie Home Invasion although I have it from the glorious Cowpunks compilation
A trickier one this week but I am going for Mojo and Jello as they are having fun whereas  the Pixies are far too earnest and serious for my liking. Others, of course, may choose to disagree.

Next week some songs courtesy of the Original Surfer of the Zeitgeist.

Pixies - Letter to Memphis

Mojo Nixon & Jello Biafra - Let's Go Burn Ole Nashville Down


  1. Swithering on this one. But it's The Pixies for me.

  2. Didn't think I'd be voting against the Pixies for a second, but... this week will be the first time I've voted Nashville. J&M made me smile.

  3. Listened to the songs first then read your words. For the same reason as you state, I'm going for Mojo & Jello. A lot of fun.

  4. Yep, like Alyson, I'm voting for Nashville for the same reason.

  5. An end to end encounter that nearly ended in a draw, but Pixies snatched the winner in the dying seconds.

  6. Mojo for me too. I wonder what his old pal Skid Roper is up to these days?

  7. "We asked for Mojo Nixon
    They said he don't work here
    We said if you don't got Mojo Nixon then your store could use some fixin'"

    Took me two days to reach this decision. Mojo and Jello it is. Apologies to the great Pixies.

  8. "...far too earnest and serious" are you saying The Pixies were up themselves sometimes? I say this as a big Pixies fan and of course they were just like all the rest. Nashville for me this time with the Sex'n Drugs'n Rock'n Roll cover