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Saturday, 1 July 2017

Springsteen Covered - Talk to Me

When the Swede and Rol vote for the opposition you know that the Boss' coat is on a shoogly nail.
I can't be bothered checking but I am 99% sure that Patti Smith's version of Because the Night is the first unanimous winner in the Springsteen series and indeed the Dylan series before that.
The score is  now The Boss 8 The Rest 7

The Promise is proving a useful source for accessing Bruce's versions of his songs which have previously been hits for other artists.
Today we feature   fellow New Jersey act Southside Johnny & the Asbury Jukes with their take on Talk to Me.
A band who have had E Street members Steve Van Zandt, Gary Tallent and Patti Sciaifa within their midst over the years.
A lot closer than last weeks choice I suspect.
To me they are much of a muchness so I'll go for Johnny as he needs the exposure plus it may keep the series going for another week (although I'm beginning to struggle for new material)

The Swede, Rol and others of course may choose to disagree.

Bruce Springsteen -Talk to Me

Southside Johnny & the Asbury Jukes -Talk to Me


  1. I choose to disagree. Can I proxy vote for The Swede to save him the job?

  2. In some way I am relieved that the new world order has been restored!

  3. I find myself having to vote for Mr Springsteen. I'll just go and lie down in a darkened room............

  4. Yes, I thought this was last week's WYCRA for a moment there!
    Anyway, this week I can cheerfully vote for Southside Johnny, sounds more soully to me than Bruce and all the better for it.

  5. It's Southside Johnny for me too! This series is going to be a closer run thing that you probably expected.

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  7. Definitely Southside Johnny today, CC! I've never been fond of Springsteen's voice. Though I'll always listen first, just in case, I suspect he's not going to get a vote from me in future either.


  8. I'm not too fussed about either. Sorry.

  9. For those of us that grew up on the east coast of the USA in the 70's, this isn't even a question. 'Talk to Me' is like the 'All the Young Dudes' of the Jersey bar scene/FM radio. Bruce wrote it but Southside Johnny owns it like Mott the Hoople owned Bowie's song.

  10. JTFL spikes the ball in the end zoned after a 90 yard return for a touchdown (to keep this a purely American response) and it's Southside Johnny all the way for me as well. This was a summer classic growing up in the NY/NJ Metro Area as a kid. Johnny and Bruce are cut from the same cloth and performed on the same circuit. Bruce made more of an inroad on the Downtown NYC Rock Scene in the 70's, while Southside Johnny plied his trade as the band you traveled up and down the Jersey Shore to see EVERY WEEKEND.

  11. Call it American peer pressure if you like. The passionate comments of JTFL and Echorich have actually swayed my decision. Goin' with the Jukes.