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Thursday, 20 July 2017

Think Tank Required

Blur only released 8 studio albums between 1991 and 2015
I have the first five plus a burn of number six 13 which given it is a burn doesn't count.

I picked up album  number 7 2003's Think Thank in the Faith, Hope and Charity shop in Whithorn last week.
Partly towards becoming a completeist but mostly because it was only 50p.
It is much better than I thought it would be. The second of today's songs is just over a minute in length but is none the worse for that.
Only 13 and The Magic Whip to go.

Blur -Out of Time

Blur - We've Got a File on You


  1. Bought this cd at the time. I think I have listened to it twice.

    1. Has this tempted you to go back for a 3rd time?

  2. I like this LP okay and give it a spin, or some of it, once and again. But it's not a patch on any of their earlier stuff because it's missing Graham Coxon. Can't underestimate his contribution to their sound.

  3. Hate this... but it's better than Magic Whip, which is bloody horrible.

    13 is alright though.