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Friday 21 July 2017

A Trip Down a Somewhat Befuddled Memory Lane

Tandy were one of the  first, if not the first, Americana bands that I ever saw.Probably around 1999 or 2000.
They may or may not have played at the Sikorski Polish club in the shadow of Glasgow's Kelvingrove Park.
I would be a liar if I said I remember much about them. Fortunately pop matters is on hand to fill in the blanks.
They never really crossed my rader again until I saw their 1999 debut album Some Summers Day (on Independent Records, 35A Barrow St, Dublin) in Oxfam a couple of weeks ago.
I paid the somewhat inflated £2.99 on the basis that if I bought it of t'internet it would cost about that with postage.
It has to be said that it is not the greatest album I have ever purchased but it has one or two pleasant tunes on it such as these.

Tandy - Far From Home

Tandy - Shannon Goodson


  1. A name I've not knowingly come across before today and I have to say, I quite like both of these tunes. Tandy were clearly familiar with the work of Messrs Tweedy & Farrar, but that of course is no bad thing at all. Great stuff. I'm to track down more.

    1. I always feel a small sense of achievement on the very rare occasion I post something you are not familiar with

  2. The first track puts me in mind of The Redlands Palomino Company. These two tracks are not bad at all. Looking at second hand prices at a well-known internet company your price of £2.99 is a bargain.