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Sunday 30 July 2017

British Motown Chartbusters

Picked up for 99p in the Salvation Army Shop in Stanraer.
Ok so it's not in the greatest condition. Hardly surprising perhaps given that it dates back to October 1967 and has I suspect been on the turntable at a party or two over the last half a century.

All the songs are pretty good with the possible exception of Blowin' in the Wind by Stevie Wonder.
Today's choices have been dictated to an extent to tracks that are in reasonable nick. The odd snap, crackle and pop but no sticking or jumping.
And yes George I have managed to squeeze in another Otis in the shape of Mr Williams from the Temptations who as it turns out have not featured before

Jr. Walker & the All Stars - How Sweet It Is (To Be loved By You)

The Temptations -(I Know ) I'm Losing You


  1. This week has been good for Otises on these pages.I'm just playing Stevie Wonder's Blowing In The Wind - and it's not as bad as you say. So there.

  2. (I Know) I'm Losing You is such a fantastic track, also love the Faces version and Rare Earth too. I even don't mind the way the song's been sampled for Kanye West's 'Fade' (but beware the youtube vid for it!)

  3. Somehow the snap, crackle and pops add to the charm - How Sweet It is indeed.

  4. I love the crackle and pop almost as I love the fact that there's someplace called Stanraer. Got to get there one day.

    1. I wouldn't bother Jonny unless you were getting a boat to Ireland

  5. That was wonderful. Tip of the cap, CC.