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Thursday 6 July 2017

Oxfam Singles - Scars

I watched the documentary The Sound of Young Scotland a couple of months ago.
It told the story of FAST records from Edinburgh and Postcard records from Glasgow.
Like most I was more familiar with Postcard than with FAST.
The Edinburgh bands most prominently mentioned included The Fire Engines , Josef K and Scars.
I was familiar with the first two but had no recollection with the latter.
Like many a good bands they didn't last long - from 1979 to 1982 to be precise with one album from 1981 Author!Author!
The disc I came away with is a four track radio session. I've no idea where and when it was recorded but I suspect it may be from their brief comeback in 2010/11 given that They Came and Took Her is titled They Came and Took Her (Again)

Scars - You Turn Me On

Scars - They Came and Took Her (Again)


  1. Great band. I almost wore out my betamax tape of Scars performing 'All About You' on the Whistle Test.

  2. As The Swede says, great band. Author! Author! was a fave album of mine at the time (I posted 'Your Attention Please' from it a little while back - so chilling!)
    Love the clip from the documentary too.

  3. Still not quite sure how I managed to miss them at the time

  4. A favorite of mine that absolutely no one I know - except in this wonderful corner of the interweb - has ever known who was on about. Author! Author! is a Post Punk classic. All About You and Obsessions are probably my favorite. I even think I saw them live in 81 when they came over on Stiff Record's dime to play at the New Music Seminar, but 36 yrs ago is a bit blurry...