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Saturday 22 July 2017

They'll be Dancing on the Shore

Frankie says - well that was close but the Boss just shades it.
By my calculation there were 7 votes for Bruce and 6 for Frankie for their versions of Born to Run. No votes for Suzi strangely.
So the series has now concluded with a final score of The Boss 10 The Rest 8.
If truth be told I'm somewhat relieved that it's over given that we were about to get into barrel scraping territory - Badly Drawn Boy with Thunder Road  thankfully avoided.

Hope you enjoyed it. I know I did. A few Bruce diehards , a few Anyone but Bruce and those who bent both ways over the weeks.

I think I'll take a small break from the Covers series but rest assured it will return at some stage - perhaps with a slight twist!

I don't have many covered by Springsteen songs. But I will leave you with his version of Tom Waits' Jersey Girl and a traditional folk song made famous by Pete Seeger which features on We Shall Overcome - The Seeger Sessions

Bruce Springsteen - Jersey Girl

Bruce Springsteen - Old Dan Tucker


  1. If you want to hear a very good cover of 'Thunder Road', check out the one by Bonnie Prince Billy & Tortoise from their covers LP 'The Brave & the Bold' - it's still not a patch on the original though, natch. (If you do happen to check out that LP, make a beeline for their reading of Elton John's 'Daniel' which is utterly magnificent).
    A marvellous series CC, though I have to say that if Bruce's 'Born to Run' had actually lost to FGTH last week, I might've been moved to throw my laptop out the window. I'm looking forward to whatever comes next.

  2. I fair enjoyed that CC and have a great version of Jersey Girl lined up for posting next week.

    There were two Springsteen compilations worth checking out Play Some Pool by the Wave Pictures and Play Some Pool, Skip Some School Act Real Cool by some well know and some lesser known indie folk. Both have their merits, but the Swede will probably hate them.

    Here's the opening track from Springsteen's gig at Hampden last year
    Check out the youtube footage, will bring a tear to a glass eye,

  3. Phew. The torture is over. I hope the covers series does return, though I can't imagine any other artist giving me the same palpitations as this one did week after week.

    I've been offline due to broadband issues for a few days so I've got lots of catching up to do...

  4. Thanks Drew, I don't know either of those albums. Anything with David Tattersall's involvement has got to be worth checking out. I'm intrigued.

  5. Ah, that was brilliant and I'm going to miss it - I got a perverse thrill from discovering that it was actually possible to sometimes prefer a Springsteen original, unlikely as it seemed.
    At the same time, it seems only right that he should just manage to win it and I'm relieved that TS didn't throw his laptop out the window as much as anything else.

    - On a completely separate note - but wondering who to ask, I was concerned last night when I went to look at an old WYCRA post and found the whole blog had been 'deleted'. It seemed a bit strange, I know they had to leave it a few days due to their work trips and KC being ill, but now I'm really wondering if they're all ok, or if there's a serious problem. Does anyone know? (I worry!)

    1. JC ( the Vinyl Villain) has e- mailed Tim and SWC so we should hear soon.
      Hopefully nothing serious

  6. I'm not the biggest Springsteen fan in the world, but this was great fun. As far as songs covered by Bruce, I always thought it was cool that he had such an affinity for Dream Baby Dream by Suicide.

  7. This was a surprisingly good series. Looking forward to the next one. Get in with it!

  8. Great series, CC, enjoyed the comments as much (or more!) as the tunes. Looking forward to what you've got coming down the line!

  9. I've been on vacation for the last two weeks, CC, and couldn't leave any comments because the cottage internet connection constantly timed out. Re: Springsteen Covered - Born to Run, I'm with George on this - my vote would have gone to Frankie too. Splat!! (She gets hit with a rotten tomato by an outraged Springsteen fan . . .)

    1. So close to being a draw!
      Hoppy you enjoyed your holiday - a cottage with limited internet access sounds ideal

  10. Like a few others I also have intermittent wifi (as I'm on a beach front in Sutherland!) so late with a comment but just wanted to thank you for another great series. I was one of the waverers who could have swung either way so made it more nerve-wracking for the diehard fans - Not a bad thing!

    Looking forward to what you come up with next.