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Saturday 8 July 2017

Springsteen Covered - Fire

Yet another defeat for the Boss last week with the Jersey contingent of Johnny the Friendly Lawyer and Echorich being the most vociferous supporters of Southside Johnny's take on Talk to Me.

We are witnessing one of the greatest comebacks of all time a bit like when Liverpool were 3-0 down at half-tine in that European final and came back to win.
We have gone from The Boss 7 The Rest 2 to 8 apiece. Remarkable.

We are staying with tracks on The Promise more famously covered by other artists but with a slight twist.
I was going to post The Pointer Sisters version of Fire but I figured that would result in another trouncing for Bruce.
So I've gone for Link Wray instead. It may be closer but I suspect there is a lot of love out there for Link as well.
I'm going for Bruce if only to stop the rot.

Others may choose to disagree

Bruce Springsteen - Fire

Link Wray - Fire


  1. For the second week in a row I'm voting for Mr Springsteen

  2. Had you offered up The Pointer Sisters I would've had cause to scratch my chin in contemplation for a few moments, but, with no disrespect to Link, this tie is Bruce's all the way.

  3. Definitely Link. Just love that ringing guitar.

  4. It would have been The Pointer Sisters but that not being an option (wise fellow you are) it will be a vote for Bruce this week.

  5. Will you be producing a spreadsheet of this Bruce vs. the Rest series showing which way people voted, track by track??

  6. Had you posted the Pointer Sisters I would have voted for them but not overly fond of the Ray version, so it's the boss for me.

  7. Well, Link Wray, obviously, but the Boss gave it to Robert Gordon to record because he sounded like Elvis (and that's who Bruce wrote it for). It's the Gordon/Wray studio version that sets the bar for this song. Bruce's version sounds like a high quality demo -- he'd never release something with a placeholder guitar solo like that.
    And Echorich and I are New Yorkers -- not Jersey boys!

  8. Dat's right JTFL New Yawkas fa life... And it's Link Wray by a mile for me...or rather Link Wray and Robert Gordon. I am still of the opinion that Bruce wanted to be Robert everybody else back in the mid 70's...

  9. I still want to be Robert Gordon...

  10. A slight advantage to Bruce this time.

  11. On holiday, but still voting Bruce.