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Sunday 16 July 2017

The Old Silver Fox

Charlie Rich . the old silver fox, has graced these pages twice before.
Once as a quiffed rockabilly singer signed to Sun Records and the other time as a country crooner.

My recently purchased copy of his 1973 classic Behind Closed Doors falls firmly into the latter category.
At times it sounds as though the music is slightly at the wrong speed which to me only adds to its charm.

Quality country songs and subject matter.And great sideburns.

Charlie Rich - Behind Closed Doors

Charlie Rich - The Most Beautiful Girl


  1. The solo piano version of 'I Feel Like Going Home', on the b-side of the 'Most Beautiful Girl' single, is the song I want played at my funeral.

  2. Nick Lowe bows to no man; with the exception of Rich.
    Feel Like Going Home is just perfect, I quite agree.

  3. The Walkabouts version of Feel Like Going Home is, some might say, better than the Mr Rich's

  4. This so reminds me of my parents' album collection. After purchasing their excellent "music centre" from our local Electrical Retailer (otherwise known as the TV Shop) they treated themselves to this album from the meagre selection in a rack at the back of the shop. A lot of country music was enjoyed in rural Aberdeenshire at that time and there were also a lot of sideburns on display, so they were totally on point.

    Thanks for posting.

  5. In MY 1970s it wasn't 'acceptable' to like anything Country & Western (aesthetes can argue whether this is C&W or just Country) but I wasn't alone of course in having undisclosed exceptions! Behind Closed Doors was one of mine. It's simply a great song. Of late though whenever I hear it (and as a fully paid up member of the ridiculed 'po-faced-can't-take-a-bit-of-banter metropolitan liberal elite) Behind Closed Doors has an altogether more sinister connotation. Why am I telling you all this? You're not my therapist! It's still a lovely song though. As you were. Next?

  6. CC. I was away when you posted this otherwise would have chipped in. Charlie is one of the greats in my opinion and could turn his hand to pretty much anything. 'Feel Like Going Home' is the pick of the bunch, but if you fancy hearing his version of 'When Something Is Wrong With My Baby' - actually recorded before Sam & Dave's hit - let me know