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Friday, 7 July 2017

Bloodshot Records Sampler 15

Regular readers will know that I hold Bloodshot Records from Chicago in very high regard.
The more long suffering of you may remember my Bloodshot Tuesday series from the early days of the blog which featured 20 artists from their stable and many more have appeared since then,

My interest was rekindled and my appetite rewhetted when George pointed me in the direction of Bandcamp where the above mentioned Sampler 15 is available free or preferably for a small donation
Many of my old  favourites feature but I thought it better to share a couple of artists I have not featured here before.
So I give you The Yawpers and some tremendous surf music from the Dex Romwember Duo.

The Yawpors -Doing it Right

Dex Romwember Duo -Blue Surf


  1. The Dex Romwember Duo don't mess about do they? A brilliant racket.

  2. Given you have followed up on thsi recommendation, will you be buying any of the three volumes of Portuguese Post-Rock albums from Bandcamp (available for ca. £1)??