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Sunday 23 July 2017

Feel Like Going Home

When I posted Charlie Rich last week The Swede and John Medd both weighed in extolling the virtues of his song Feel Like Going Home. They are quite correct. It is a belter and John has shared it as proof.
Not to be outdone George piped up singing the praises of the version by The Walkabouts. He is also quite correct. It is a belter.As an added bonus Mark Lanegan guests on vocals.
From unquestionably the greatest ever covers album 1993's Satisfied Mind on Sub Pop with one of the greatest ever covers (a photo of "Herman in the Wheatfield")
I am frankly embarrassed that I have never posted this before.
I have a good few copies of the classic title track but none remotely in the same league as The Walkabouts.

You will not hear  two better songs today. Fact.

The Walkabouts - Feel Like Going Home

The Walkabouts - Satisfied Mind


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  2. Haven't heard Red Hayes but have few versions including Porter Wagoner
    The Walkabouts is still the one for me!

  3. Why do I feel the sudden urge to watch O Brother Where Art Thou? Thanks for the name check btw. Though be careful when mentioning the Swede - he'll contact his lawyers as soon as look at you!

  4. That Red Hayes original is very very good. Of course, it's not as good as The Walkabouts.

  5. Porter Wagonner's is also very very good, I was expecting it to be a right load of old nonsense. Looks like I was wrong there

  6. The Glen Campbell version - not so good.
    David Allen Coe version - good.

  7. Two great songs by The Walkabouts, the first of which put me a little in mind of Brinsley Schwarz's "Silver Pistol" album. "A Satisfied Mind" is a well covered song and the Walkabouts do a dine job with it, but my favourite would be John Martyn's version on "Sunday's Child".

  8. Jonathan Richman - not too bad
    John Martyn (a version I'm predisposed to dislike) - not nearly as terrible as I thought it would be, and way way better than Glen Campbell

  9. another egyptian mongoose sighting at the farm!

  10. Man, Mark Lanegan sounds good on everything he sings.

  11. Mark Lanegan can do very little wrong in my eyes.