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Tuesday, 25 July 2017

The Return of the Blues Collection - Otis Rush

Those of you with long memories will recall that a few years ago I picked up a job lot of just under
 40 of the 92 CD s in The Blues Collection which was one of those magazine series with a different artist and CD each month..
I've featured most of them but nothing for a while.
Occasionally since I have picked up a couple or a single one here and there taking my current total up to 44.

I recently picked up no 19 Otis Rush with I Can't Quit You Baby in the Community Shop in Wigton along with a double of no 25 by Robert Cray which I have recycled to charity.
This album also known as The Cobra Sessions features tracks recorded in Chicago between 1956 and 1958.
I am happy to report that Otis is still going strong at the age of 82 surely some kind of record for a bluesman.
The third Otis to grace these pages after Messrs Redding and Clay.

Otis Rush -All Your Love

Otis Rush - Double Trouble


  1. You've never posted a Temptations song (Otis Williams)?

  2. And two very very fine tracks today.

  3. Not sure if the Temptations have featured would have to check
    Mr Spann hasn't to the best of my knowledge
    Nor has Otis Ferry the Countryside Alliance supporting son of the Lounge Lizard

  4. I've just been scouting around certain websites but no one seems to be selling the Blues Collection as a one job lot.

  5. You should list the ones you need. We could all keep an eye out on our travels, to help you complete the set.

    1. Given that I have bought Robert Cray twice at the very least I should keep a note on my person!

  6. 2 great tunes. Did not realize until I saw the picture on this post that Rush's guitar is strung upside down. Meaning, he plays left-handed but with the low E on the bottom like a right-handed guitar. Very unusual. Dick Dale is famous for that but not too many others.

  7. Eagle eyes there from JTFL.
    I need a list of my own record collection to stop me from buying doubles.