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Monday, 10 April 2017

Original Thea

Thea Gilmore has appeared twice on these pages recently with excellent covers in the Dylan and Springsteen series'.
Although her talent shines through this is somewhat of a dis-service as she has delivered many excellent songs in her own right and here are a couple for your listening pleasure.
First up is Heart String Blues taken from her fourth album from 2002 Songs From the Gutter.
This is followed up by Juliet (Keep That in Mind) a single from the follow up album 2003's
This is the only one of hers that I own.
I'm pretty sure  that I saw her at King Tuts around then but a quick rummage through my ticket tin has not officially confirmed  that that was indeed the case.

Thea Gilmore - Heart String Blues

Thea Gilmore - Juliet (Keep That in Mind)


  1. I'd recommend you tracking down a few more Thea albums if you enjoyed Avalanche. She is a consistently excellent songwriter, one of the best of her generation.

    1. Thought you would probably be first to comment Rol!

    2. I set my alarm clock specially.

  2. I was expecting some right dreary old accoustic bollocks nonsense. Well, that first track was unexpectedly good (shades of Lucinda Williams?), and the second is pretty good too. I'll have to see if I can pick up an album or two.

  3. I don't know an awful lot about Thea Gilmore's work, but these two tunes were very enjoyable.