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Wednesday 3 October 2018

Little and Large #12 - Another Guest Post from SWC

Another guest post from SWC where he states that it is possibly the finest thing he has ever written...

I know what you are thinking - there is nowhere near enough cutting edge music on Charity Chic Music these days.  What you've all been crazing is some hip hop, yes you have, don't be coy.  In fact I'd go further to say you have all been craving UK  hip hop, some grime, a bit of dub step, drill and witchcore - I may have made the last one up just in case you'd stop reading.
I'd go further than that, I think what you'd really like to hear is some UK hip hop made by a female who as a child was so obsessed with Alice in Wonderland that she built one of her albums around the concept of that book.  Yup, thought so concept album rap.

Little Simz or to give her real name Simbiatu Abisola Abiola Ajikaw is from London and her second album 'A Stillness in Wonderland' is fairly extraordinary in that it is intelligent and reflective hip hop.  If you ask me, and you sort of are, Little Simz is the UK equivalent of Lauren Hill, without the tax evasion and casual racism obviously.

Whats that? you want more ok - Lets take a look at UK Grime superstar 'Bigz' then and his genre defining anthem 'Up Your Speed' which basically is grime road trip around the UK.  Where Bigz and his buddies (Bruza,Pyrelli, Skinnyman, Sway, and Triple Threat, like I had to tell you that) call out to the nations posses and tell them to 'Up Their Speed'.  Simple but strangely effective.

Thanks SWC
The first time (and maybe the only time!) that UK Grime has ever featured on CCM!
I feel that I'm now down with the kidz

Little Simz -No More Wonderland

Bigz -Up Your Speed