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Saturday, 20 October 2018

Blonde on Blonde Revisited

I picked up Blonde on Blonde Revisited in the Blythswood Care (a Christian charity prevalent in the Highlands) shop in Broadford on Skye.
Broadford is Skye's second largest settlement after Portree and boast a large Co-op whose car park possibly has the best view of any Co-op  car park.

Released by Mojo in July 2016 it is a track by track tribute commemorating the 50th anniversary of  the Bob Dylan original album. Yup that's right - half a century!.

It would have been good to have had this when I did my Dylan Covered series but realistically none of the covers come close to the originals. I suppose that you can't improve upon perfection.
These are two of the better ones in my humble opinion

Phosphorescent - I Want You

Marissa Nadler -Absolutely Sweet Marie


  1. You're right Stevie - this versions can't beat the original but I like those intimate version that I never heard before.

  2. Love Marissa Nadler, she can hardly put a foot wrong. Oh, and *pedant alert* shouldn't that be 2016? Otherwise the original would have come out in 1956... Just sayin'...

  3. Blonde & Blonde is one of The Holy Trinity albums and these 2 covers are insipid by comparison. Phosphorescent's version of "I Want You" is too sugary and although I could say Marissa Nadler's cover of "Absolutely Sweet Marie" is interesting, it's really just a case of someone slowing the song down and singing in a dreamy voice. There's far too much of the latter out there in cover version land.

  4. I enjoyed Nadler's interpretation a great deal.