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Monday, 22 October 2018

Monday's Long Song

A bit late to the party but I thought I should join in with the fun.

Not for me a lengthy dance re-mix , hippity hop, prog rock or a slice of psychedelia. No,  you wont be surprised that I am offering up some Americana today.
I'm not quite sure as to the ground rules and what does and does not constitute a long song. I don't know whether 8 minutes 20 seconds qualifies as a long song but in my defense it is pretty long for a country number. Plus it is a belter.

I must confess to being somewhat lazy given that I have only gone as  far back as last Thursday when this song got a mention on my Warren Zevon post along with a video of the original
From his 2005 album Delirium Tremolos here is the grizzled but great Ray Wylie Hubbard with his cover of James McMurtry's grizzled but great Choctaw Bingo. presumably Mr McMurtry approved given that he features on guitar.

Ray Wylie Hubbard - Choctaw Bingo


  1. Absolutely tremendous. That will be on vol. 142.

  2. I will probably not here a better song all day.

  3. Great version. In my eyes, Ray Wylie Hubbard can do no wrong.

  4. What does and does not constitute a long song? You'd have to check with Drew, he's the guv'nor where this feature is concerned. Whichever way you look at it, this one's a corker.

  5. Does this remind anyone else of the Beatles' "Come Together"?


    1. I can see where you are coming from but this is better!

  6. I like that a lot and Marie and Marie nailed it with her comment.

    As to what constitutes a long song, it's not set in stone. I suppose Tommy, Dee Dee. Johnny and Joey would have considered anything over three minutes, long and therefore overly excessive.