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Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Crowns and Coronets # 4 - A Guest Contribution

More  earls and dukes this week with a guest contribution all the way from Stuttgart courtesy of my good friend Walter author of the great A Few Good Times in My Life blog.

Over to Walter:

You moved on your post to dukes and earls. Reading your words two artists came to my mind. The first one was Earl Klugh a jazz fusion guitarist that was very popular in the mid 80's by some of my friends that were active in this scene. It is definitely not my kind of music but I owned some albums by recommendation. One was his album Low Ride and I liked it because it's easy going sound that not disturbs but played on a high musical level.

In 1985 XTC discovered their fondness for psychedelic music. It seems like they had an overdose of the Rolling Stones in their Satanic Majesties Request-era. Songs filled with psychedelic organ sounds and the songs sound like the boys had real fun.

Thanks Walter,  as I mentioned in comments last week two artists I have nothing by and until today one (Earl Klugh) that I knew nothing of. The first jazz fusion artist to grace these pages!
Looking forward to hopefully catching up with you on your visit to Glasgow at the end of November.

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