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Tuesday, 9 October 2018

One Dove White Love

Regular readers will know that I am not a fan of dance music.
Therefore they may be surprised to see White Love by One Dove featuring here today.
Given that I am throwing in words like Weatherall, Boy's Own Productions and Sabres of Paradise you could be forgiven for thinking that you have stumbled over to Drew's or Swiss Adam's place

I quite like the single version of the song which I picked up in Portree on Skye. A Glasgow Electronic trio they feature the dulcet tones of Dot Alison who puts me in mind of Alison Goldfrapp on the ethereal album Seventh Tree.
To prove that I know nothing about dance music I have chosen one of the three 10 minute re-mixes at random to accompany the single. Cue howls of derision if I have missed out favoured version.

One Dove - White Love (radio mix)

One Dove -White Love (lonesome demo)


  1. You'll be throwing a rave next.

  2. Interesting fact. I was a bit of a fan and have a name check on One Dove's website after providing information on a promotional 12" that they'd missed from the discography about 15 years ago.
    (One Dive? Were they a One Dove tribute band?)

  3. What SA says.

    What promo Swede, is there something I am missing?

  4. I had a feeling someone might ask Drew. I used to have a fairly substantial collection of One Dove 12" promos (all gone now, alas) and spotted one that they'd neglected to list. They added it to the discography and gave me a thank-you on the credits page. It was all a very long time ago and I'm surprised to see it still up there.