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Friday 26 October 2018

F.F.S. by F.F.S.

I must admit that I was reasonably intrigued when F.F.S. was released in 2015 on the Domino label. Not that intrigued though that I was minded to spring for the album.
I was, however, intrigued enough to fork out a quid for it in a charity shop in Auchterarder.
For the uninitiated F.F.S. was a short lived collaboration between the bands Franz Ferdinand and Sparks hence the name.
The album it pretty much what you would expect from such a collaboration. It was critically well received upon release

I'm trying to think of other interesting and unusual collaborations.
Bowie & Bing and Nick Cave & Kylie are the first two that come to mind. Over to you.

F.F.S. - Police Encounters

F.F.S. - So Desu Ne


  1. Other collaborations - Peters and Lee?

  2. Sting and Shaggy. Not our dog Shaggy, the reggae Shaggy.

  3. One of MrsRobster's fave records of 2015 this one.
    Odd collabs? How about Lou Reed and Metallica, R.E.M. and KRS-One, Art of Noise and Tom Jones?

  4. Definitely not this one:

  5. didn't the KLF collaborate with Tammy Wynette?

  6. I love this album, particularly the song Collaborations Don't Work.

    Pet Shop Boys & Dusty?

    Ben Folds & William Shatner?

    Freddie Mercury & Montserrat Caballe?

    The Smiths & Sandie Shaw?

    Tim McGraw & Gwyneth Paltrow? (Actually, not as bad as it sounds.)

  7. Rol has a nice list there. I would add Jack White and Loretta Lynn. That was a really good album and one I will dig out this weekend for the first time in years. Thanks for making me think of it. As for F.F.S., the peanut gallery seemed mixed when this one came out, but I completely fell for it.

    1. I quite like the Jack/Loretta album

    2. Loved her version of Bob's 'Thunder On The Mountain'.

  8. On paper, it doesn't sound that enticing.
    One is not sure how it will work.
    A bit like having Steve Martin and Eddie Murphy in the same film.
    Will there be a falling out as the fight for the spotlight?
    But .. it does work, and work brilliantly.

    Collaborations Don't Work - in this case, they certainly do

    Other collaborations:
    Amy Winehouse & Tony Bennett
    (I'd like to have seen Amy Winehouse & Tony Christie)

    Lou Reed & Metallica
    (actually, that one was pretty terrible)

  9. Let's not forget Elvis Costello & Sir Thumbs Aloft.