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Sunday, 14 October 2018

Parallel Lines at 40

Parallel Lines by Blondie turned 40 while we were on holiday. Coincidentally it was one of the records we took with us along with the portable turntable.

An iconic album with an iconic cover from an iconic band. By 2008 it had sold over 20 million copies. You can add on a few more since then.

Therefore an album I suspect that everyone reading this is familiar with. At the very least you will be familiar with the 6 of the 12 tracks which were hit singles.
Here are two of those which were never released as singles. An album I would argue that has stood the tests of time and still sounds good today.

Blondie -Fade Away and Radiate

Blondie - 11:59


  1. I bought the picture disc version as well as the original LP.

    Most amazing picture disc B-side photo ever:

  2. Great album and the follow up was even better

  3. I have to agree with Drew! But you picked two of my favorite Blondie tracks to represent Parallel Lines!!

  4. Great stuff.
    But Parallel Lines is 40?! And Debbie is 73! How can this possibly be?

  5. Totally agree to you CC. This record is a classic and still worth to listen.

  6. I can’t help but notice all of the best albums are about 40 years old.

  7. An album that's stood the test of time and a look that's stood the test of time - Could almost be contemporary. 40 years though!

  8. If Blondie had only ever recorded "Fade Away and Radiate" then that would have been sufficient for me. It is everything which is great about them and to my mind the best thing they ever did. It also has Robert Fripp's guitar work elevating it to a parallel world of ethereal and eternal bliss.