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Monday 29 October 2018

Monday's Long Song

I suspect that Drew , the instigator of this Monday Long Song thing, may well feature the Dream Syndicate at some stage.
Today I'm giving you their front  man Steve Wynn with a song from his 2001 double solo album Here Come the Miracles on the great German Americana label Blue Rose.
Recorded in Tuscon he is joined by Linda Pitmon on drums, Chris Brokaw on guitar and Chris Cacavas on keyboards.
In my opinion this album and the 2003 follow up Static Transmission by Steve Wynn and the Miracle 3 are must haves.
I saw the Miracle 3 live on a couple of occasions and they were incendiary.

Steve Wynn - Good and Bad


  1. A great choice CC. The Dream Syndicate would be on my long list for this series too, so no doubt one of us will get to them in due course. I was lucky enough to see the Miracle 3 a couple of times too - incendiary is the word.

  2. That's great CC, not one that I know, never bought any of the solo stuff.
    And yes, you suspect correctly, I do have the Dream Syndicate down for inclusion in this series.