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Sunday, 28 October 2018

The Quiet Revolution

A Summer Folk Compendium for you today as we near the end of October!
Courtesy of Mojo magazine from October 2006 and in turn courtesy of a Nairn charity shop.I give you The Quiet Revolution.

Proper folk - none of your Mumford and Son/Noah and the Whale nonsense.
There are some classic folk acts on here as the tracklist testifies.
I've gone for two of the more recent artists on display.

James Yorkston from the Kingdom of Fife is no stranger to these pages. He was a member of the Fence Collective alongside the likes of the Beta Band and King Creosote.
The featured song Summer Song comes from his fourth album The Leopard from 2006 and as most of his records on the Domino label.

I think that Josephine Foster from Colorado is making her CCM debut. There are Eyes Above is taken from her album Hazel Eyes, I Will Lead You released in 2005 although it it sounds as though it is from much further back than that

James Yorkston - Summer Song

Josephine Foster - There Are Eyes Above

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  1. By rights I should like James Yorkston and one of these days his music will probably click into place for me, but thus far he's one of the few offshoots of the Fence Collective that I have yet to find a place in my heart for. Josephine Foster on the other hand has been a favourite in this house since I picked up 'SOS JFK' in 2003. 'Hazel Eyes, I Will Lead You' is a terrific album.