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Thursday, 18 October 2018

A Junk Bond King Playing Seminole Bingo

I picked up Mutineer the 9th studio album by Warren Zevon in Portee on Skye. It is the 4th of his I have (5th if you include a Best of) and probably the weakest.
However the first track Seminole Bingo is excellent.The Seminole are a Native American tribe who like many others began to run small bingo games before moving on to casinos and in the case of The Seminole Tribe of Florida to purchasing the Hard Rock Cafe chain.
James McMurtry has a song in a similar vein called Choctaw Bingo and I have previously shared the Ray Wylie Hubbard cover version.

Back to Warren .The second song featured is I think quite good but the rest are pretty disappointing. There are some excellent titles though - The Indifference of Heaven, Poisonous Lookalike and my particular favourite Monkey Wash Donkey Rinse.

There was a subsequent return to form with My Ride's Here and The Wind

Warren Zevon - Seminole Bingo

Warren Zevon -Something Bad Happened to a Clown


  1. The title track of 'Mutineer' is great. This cover of it is a beauty too.

  2. Damn you Swede - I was going to post the Jason Isbell & Amanda Shires cover!

    As for James McMurtry (son of Larry) anyone who's a music fan should check out "We Can't Make It Here" and "Candyland".

  3. I love when you pick up a minor work from a major artist... that's one of the best aspects of the charity shop. I don't know this album at all. Thanks for the taster.

  4. This may well be the only Warren Zevon album I don't yet own. I'm a big fan, though nothing beats his eponymous 1976 album. Every track a classic.