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Tuesday, 23 October 2018


I picked up Singles by Alison Moyet in Mary's Meals charity shop in Dunblane as part of a four for a pound offer. Foolish not to at that price. Probably worth it just for the jewel cases alone.
Twenty singles for twenty five pence.
Alison Moyet was pretty prolific and indeed pretty successful in the early 80's achieving 10 top 10 UK singles - 4  Synth Pop songs as part of Yazoo with Vince Clark and 6 subsequent torch songs  as a solo artist.

The compilation features a couple of Yazoo numbers (but not Don't Go for some reason) so it seems only fair to feature one of each.
I saw Yazoo  doing Only You recently on a BBC4 Synth Pop programme recently and had forgotten how good it was.

Yazoo - Only You

Alison Moyet - All Cried Out


  1. I watched that too and started mentally writing a post about Vince Clarke and his fairly amazing trajectory through the 80s.

  2. Love Resurrection has some very mucky lyrics.