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Saturday 27 October 2018

Memphis v Nashville

A new compare and contrast Saturday series for you this week.
There has long been a debate as to which of the two Tennessee cities Memphis and Nashville is the top American city for music. Not the world mind you - that would be Glasgow.

The next 10 weeks (11 if it is a draw) will scientifically bring this debate to it's ultimate conclusion.

Each week will pitch a song with Memphis in its title against a song with Nashville in the title and you, my friends, will pick the winner.
As you can imagine there will be a lot of Country of various hues but it will not be Country all the way to the exclusion of everything else.

Right let's get started. The first Memphis contender is the Colorblind James Experience with the great Considering a Move to Memphis.  They are up against the Lovin' Spoonful with Nashville Cats. 

A fairly easy one for me - CJE  all day long. Others. of course, may choose to differ.

Colorblind James Experience - Considering a Move to Memphis

Lovin' Spoonful - Nashville Cats


  1. "Considering A Move To Memphis" is very clever, but my vote goes to "Nashville Cats" cos it's fun.

  2. The Colorblind James Experience track takes me back to Peel days. It's a song that I still enjoy hearing, but only once or twice a year at the most. This is the second time I've clapped ears on it in 2018, so it gets my vote.

  3. Two fine tunes, but TCBJE take the crown for me. I look forward to more of these in the coming weeks.

  4. Colorblind James Experience for me

  5. Yes, another compare and contrast series!
    It's Nashville Cats for me.

  6. In general, I take the music of Memphis over Nashville, but the Lovin’ Spoonful helps out Music City with this opening match.

  7. The Experience for me, and also I hope that the Silicon Teens' version of 'Memphis Tennessee' will feature in this series as well one of these days!!

    1. Not familiar with that version Dirk but the song will probably feature

  8. Colourblind James for me too - no contest really