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Wednesday 26 September 2018

Little and Large #11 - A Guest Post from SWC

Just when you thought that this series was concluded along comes a guest post from SWC of The Sound of Being OK

He had been promising me something for a few weeks and I had pretty much given up on him but you and I know that he was merely holding out for his favourite number 11.
Over to SWC - with guitars

Littler -  Littler are a indie punk band from Philadelphia who specialise in making tracks that appeal to the angst ridden (I'm looking at you teenagers).  They make songs about the pain of being young, about having to grow up and finding yourself.  'Somewhere Else' is taken from their 'Of Wandering' album of a few years back and is all kinds of brilliant.

Big Deal - as well as being a terrible TV programme about the perils of gambling (featuring the bloke who voiced  Mr Benn as Robbie Box),  Big Deal were also a two piece band from London/California who had some minor success around five years ago with the angst ridden fables about lost love, teenage pain and misfortune.  Their song 'Talk' is perhaps their finest moment

Tune in next Wednesday for something completely different

Littler - Somewhere Else

Big Deal - Talk


  1. I very much liked the Big Deal track - reminded me of something else, wracked my brains through several plays and then I got it - it's vibe at least is akin to something on This Mortal Coil's first release It'll End In Tears. I'm not gonna play it to check it out as I want to remain in doubt.

    1. Wise move.
      Good to see that you are able to pay again. I enjoy waking up of Saturday and reading your late night epistles

  2. Getting serious CC withdrawal. Hope you're Ok!

    1. In Tomintoul
      Blog will return next week featuring some new purchases of variable quality