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Monday 10 September 2018

When Mrs CC Is Away ....

Mrs CC was away with her mum over the weekend. This meant that I had the house and the choice of music to myself.
On weekend mornings over breakfast Mrs CC usually requests that we play "something mellow"
On Sunday morning I decided it was time for something loud. I was heading for The Clash when I was momentarily distracted by two artist recently featured by a couple of my blogging comrades.

On the back of Swiss Adam's brilliant Iggy Pop ICA  The Swede featured the incendiary Raw Power by Iggy and the Stooges.
JC's Saturday Scottish Song over at The New Vinyl Villain was Heatseeker  by The Hedrons from their album One More Won't Kill Us. Described by JC as hard rock they are in my Punk section (there is no hard rock section on the shelves).

It seemed foolish not to give these two albums a spin prior to The Only Band That Matters.

Iggy and the Stooges - Search and Destroy

The Hedrons -Be My Friend


  1. That's a crystal clear 'Search & Destroy', you must've picked up a remastered version of 'Raw Power'. By comparison, mine sounds as it did to me in 1973, as if it was recorded three doors away.

  2. Nothing wrong with these choices, but I would go with Scritti Politti.

    1. I told Mrs CC that would be your choice Brian!
      No Scritti Polliti on the shelves.