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Thursday 6 September 2018

A Nice Pairing from the SWS Correspondent

You will all be familiar with SWC (The South West Correspondent) from the ever mighty The Sound of Being OK triumvirate.
Today I give you Dalveen  aka SWSC (The South West Scotland Correspondent).

Shortly after last weeks Disco Friday offering I received a lovely e-mail from him suggesting that I feature the version of Deniece Williams' hit Free as covered by BEF featuring Billy Mackenzie and he very kindly attached same.
He also suggested Aztec Camera's version of True Colors as another great Scottish cover of a US songstress in this case Cyndi Lauper. (They retained the US spelling!)

Happy to oblige Sir. Two top tunes and a nice pairing indeed

BEF featuring Billy Mackenzie - Free

Aztec Camera - True Colors


  1. This photo of Aztec Camera from Harry Papadopoulos is among his best.