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Sunday 23 September 2018

A Country Love Song

C suggested that to conclude this series that I put all the song titles in this accidental series into the one post and to come up with a story so here goes.
I'm going to put them in the order they were posted.

A Country Love Song

Tex was once more propping up the Horseshoe bar with his gal.She was flirting with some of the regulars and he didn't like it.Yet again he thought  She's Acting Single and I'm Drinking Doubles.
She has been in the huff with him ever since he had reminded her that she was wanted by the police and that My Wife Thinks Your Dead.

She sidles up to him looking for change for the jukebox. Sadly he know what rubbish would be  going on and was busy thinking If I Can't Trust You with a Quarter How Can I Trust you with my Heart.
She was flirting again leading Tex to think that she's already put big old tears in his eyes Must You Through Dirt in My Face.

Tex could see the relationship coming  fairly swiftly to an end but hopefully not in the way his buddy’s had..
She took a Lot of Pills (and Died)  Slim wailed. Not only that he sobbed as he swigged his beer My Son Calls Another Man Daddy.

Tex was wondering how it came to this. Two weeks ago everything was relatively  normal  for Tombstone and then he found  himself Handcuffed to a Fence in Mississippi.
He shut his eyes and prayed for redemption.Dropkick me Jesus Through the Goalposts of Life he muttered.
He yearned for a  simple life with no more Drag Queens in Limousines, nuns in blue jeans and dreamers with big dreams.

That's it he said out loud. Tomorrow morning  I'm hitting the 87 Southbound and heading for Johnson City!

Wayne Hancock - 87 Southbound

Wayne Hancock - Johnson City

Somehow I don't think that our resident authors Rol and Martin have anything to worry about!


  1. Hilarious! That was a great suggestion from C - Only could be done with Country Songs.

  2. Perfect! Now for the film rights...

  3. The only thing I don't like about this post is that it appears top signal the end of the series. I thought this would run and run!

    1. Seemed like an opportune time for a break.One I will probably come back to