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Saturday 15 September 2018

The Devil's Music

I've featured the Uncut compilation The Devil's Music -Keith Richard's compilation of Blues,Soul and R& B classics (December 2002) before but it merits being included again.

As I said the last time I'm a bit wary of such compilations - music that inspired A or the roots of B as I feel it gives an opportunity to churn out any old stuff most of which is now in the public domain.
This one is a little bit different as in my mind's eye I can see Keef sitting with a spliff nodding along to all the songs featured and maybe strumming gently along on his guitar.

Last time round you got Jackie Brenston and Billie Holiday, this time you are getting Amos Milburn, Jimmy Rogers and Leadbelly.In all honesty I could have featured any of the 25 tracks as they are all top quality.
Somebody knicked the riff from the Jimmy Rogers song and it is bugging me as to who it is.

A compilation worth tracking down if you don't already have it.

Amos Milburn - Down The Road Apiece

Jimmy Rogers - Goin' Away Baby

Leadbelly - The Midnight Special


  1. See what you mean about the Jimmy Rogers riff but now it's bugging me too!

    According to Keef (when he was on Desert Island Discs), he's a big fan of Little Walter's version of "Key To The Highway".

  2. It could be Led Zeppelin - they ripped off everybody...

  3. Howling Wolf used that riff. The Fabukous Thunderbirds did too (later) on, I think, Running Shoes

  4. Keef's got great taste, that's for sure.

  5. There's a bit of Hi Heel Sneakers in that Jimmie Rogers riff too.
    (Then again, there is a bit of everything in every blues riff)

  6. The Jimmy Rogers riff has been in my head all night. I think Captain Beefheart might have adapted it for 'Sure 'Nuff 'N Yes I Do'.