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Tuesday, 11 September 2018

The Executioner's Last Songs Volume 3

The 3rd and final instalment of The Executioner's Last Songs trilogy for you today. If you recognise the picture that is because it also featured last week as Volumes 2 and 3 come together as a double CD.
45 songs over the 3 albums with 14 as part of Volume 3.

I have a good few versions of Long Black Veil a song first made famous by the great Lefty Frizzell.
Lefty's version has featured here before as has that by The Chieftains with Mick Jagger and one by former Mekon Sally Timms.
Sally is appearing again today along with Edith Frost.

As far as I am aware neither the splendidly named Gurf Morlix nor the song Hangin' Me Tonight have featured here before. They have now.

I very nearly forgot all about posting this. I wonder how many folk would have noticed!

The Pine Valley Cosmonauts (ft Sally Timms & Edith Frost) - Long Black Veil

The Pine Valley Cosmonauts (ft Gurf Morlix) - Hangin' Me Tonight

1 comment:

  1. Sally Timms could sing anything and make it sound great.

    Gurf Morlix was a pal of Blaze Foley - an interesting character who was a buddy of Townes Van Zandt.