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Thursday 20 September 2018

Chuck and Stephanie and Jesse

We are off to Cottiers Theatre in Glasgow's West End  tonight to see Chuck Prophet AND Jesse Malin.
Yet another show put on by the ever brilliant Fallen Angels Club

Chuck will be playing with his wife Stephanie Finch as an acoustic duo with Jesse providing support.

I've seen Chuck on a number of occasions , once as a member of Green on Red, a few times playing with Alejandro Escovedo and a couple of times as a solo artist including one time at King Tuts when he nearly electrocuted himself.
I've only seen Jesse Malin the once again at King Tuts.

It's probably over 10 years since I have  seen either of them so I am fair looking forward to it.

Chuck Prophet - Til You Came Along

Jesse Malin -Wendy


  1. Hope you have a great time CC, been a few years since I have seen Jesse Malin, always worth the ticket price, for his stories between the songs alone

  2. That sounds like a tremendous gig. Nothing doing in these parts, not even a bloke and his accordion. Nada.

  3. You will be pleased to note that they were both excellent and yes Drew you are correct about Jesse’s patter