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Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Essential Bobby D?

Given that at the last count there were already 21 Bob Dylan albums on the shelves and that I already own over three quarters of the songs on the Essential Bob Dylan was it really necessary for me to acquire it in Newton Stewart?
This of of course a purely rhetorical question given that there can only be one answer.
Some reasons as if they were necessary:

  • It's Bob Dylan
  • It was only a pound
  • I don't have some of the songs
  • I only have some as downloads
  • It has Blind Willie McTell on it
  • You can never have enough Bob Dylan
There you are. Totally justified.
Here are two of the songs that I didn't have - Everything is  Broken from Oh Mercy and  Dignity from the Touched by an Angel soundtrack album.and Blind Willie which I only previously had digitally.

And finally something to ponder.Can an album with  only 36 songs  really be described as The Essential Bob Dylan?

1 comment:

  1. I've spent the last couple of years, on and off, attempting to put together a Bob Dylan ICA for JC. 10 tracks just isn't enough though. 40 tracks wouldn't be enough. I feel an ICA box set coming on.
    The Essential is a nice comp and worth it for this version of 'Dignity', which I don't think is available on any other Dylan collection.