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Wednesday, 28 February 2018

The View From the Afternoon

Today I have been mostly working from home.

Code Red!  Code Red!

Arctic Monkeys -The View From the Afternoon


  1. Today I've been entirely working from home. If you can call taking the boy sledging and doing stickers and colouring "work".

  2. Never see ones like that in the Job Centre!

  3. A similar picture here. I work from home every day but had to put my wellies on this morning for the five step commute from the back door!

  4. I'm in the N-East of Scotland and to be honest, so far, I've been underwhelmed by The Beast From the East. The snow and ice was far worse last month.

  5. Where I live, snow is a rarity, but in 30 minutes I can be at elevations that have several feet of snow all winter long. The best of both worlds. I will never move back to Chicago because I hated all of that scooping.

    1. We are watching a series on Netflix at the moment based in your neck of the woods - All I keep thinking is how can you cope with that continual rain? (Although maybe been exaggerated for the show as a Scandi-type crime thing.)

  6. Yesterday a customer of mine, located in Skegness, Lincolnshire said he couldn't unload a truck I sent him because his forklift couldn't cope with the snow. I told him to get a snow shovel for five minutes, lazy bastard! But today, looking at your picture, I think I should've been more polite perhaps ...

  7. Well this is a first - Here in the Scottish Highlands we are having our second day of blue skies, sunshine and no snow cover at all. Better not get smug though.

  8. It'e been shit......

    Great tune mind you.